Earlier this year, we were told that the Mayan prophecy was misinterpreted. “The excellent historians had another meaning!”

This Uncle Tom believes it began 11-06-12, when an uneducated electorate reelected Loki, Thor’s mischievous half-brother, who will usher in Ragnarok, the Norse interpretation of the end of days. But, I digress.

What if the Mayans had it right that all civilization would end on this day? This writer is a Christian and understand there will be that final day of days. However, this Uncle Tom is compelled to visit this ancient prophecy because there may be some merit.

What if the prophecy were accurate from a financial perspective? What if the idea of civilization’s end was that all the nations declared bankruptcy?

Consider that the United States three separate ledgers to track the accounting of this nation. Is $16 trillion an accurate rendering of our fiscal woes? What if the number is actually higher? What if the notion that Fort Nox is Fort Empty and there isn’t an ounce of gold dust in the facility? A lot of questions to considered.

Then consider that the European countries have been operating under the guise of financial success for decades. Even though the price to spend a vacation there is so overpriced; they still cannot balance their books. Despite embracing socialism for quite some time, their economies are flailing. The fastest thing growing in their economy is Civil Unrest.

The age old problem of people always being poor is not and cannot be solved, yet the hopes of erecting a utopia are never further from the realm of possibility than now. It has failed in Europe and it is failing in America. No matter how much the government alludes that it will usher in financial equality, it will never come to pass. Governments will spend into oblivion which will further tilt the scales to a global collapse.

The amazing thing is that the world economies have lasted this long. This Uncle Tom believes the band aids and blinders will no longer be able to hold and come 12-21-12; the bubble will probably burst.

This author could be completely wrong, as in the past. But, it would be very interesting to see what will happen on that day. Many distraught people are already contemplating suicide because the fiscal cliff. This is a reality to more people than this current administration is willing to admit. Or maybe that they are counting on that many people leaving the world so they can have less mouths to cover in their futile and unrealistic utopia.


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