I will probably loose a lot of Christians on this post but there is a self-imposed dichotomy in the arena of politics. There is this false assumption that one can’t be a Christian and a politician simultaneously. Hence, there has been a lopsided approach in trying to hold onto the faith for our families, friends and followers versus answering the liberal attack against a conservative Christian worldview.

Mother Theresa had the answer when she said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and use words when necessary.”

“Actions speak louder than words” is another perfect example of what to do and what not to do.

I’m pro-life & pro-traditional marriage and will wisely support any cause that promotes said ideology.

When I consider the gaffs of Richard Mourdock (God sanctions rape pregnancies) and Todd Akin (body shuts down to rape); they were two of many instances spun horribly by the media. Instead of the Republican Party distancing themselves with these individuals, they should have given them a platform to explain themselves.

But again, it never should have come up in the first place! Personally, if that’s their view, let them keep it out of the debates and focus on this issues at hand: the economy and upholding the Constitution.

When presented with the question about abortion or same-sex marriage, just say, “My reasonings for holding a particular view of the situation are within my rights as a human being and American citizen. This will in no way taint my ability to upholding the laws of the land or voting prejudicial.”

And then shut the hell up!

There’s no more to say. Ambiguity on social issues is KEY! Hey, it worked for Obama in 2008. He won the gay vote with a promise to pro-Gay legislation that did not material in the first year. He won the Latino votes with a promise of pro-Immigration friendly legislation that did not manifest in the first year.

He was more ambiguous than John Kerry, and that’s saying a lot! There’s more than enough proof that he’s not a Christian but he only has to say he is and they believe!

Interesting concept!

Why not give it a stab? The next time someone challenges us for being a Christian, tell them the POTUS is one and ask if they are offended. The next time they question you about your position on an issue; say you have one and move onto the next subject if you are willing to continue a conversation.

What I am saying is to stop arguing with fools! I’ve heard a saying, “Stop arguing with a fool because he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience!”

This makes this whole recovery series challenging at best, given the last statement. Not so! This is choosing where to go to war. This is choosing what hill to die on! This is modern warfare with words and ideology without suffering major losses.

As a Christian who believes in the Death, Burial and Resurrection; as a Christian who believes in the Bible; as a Christian who believes Jesus is the Only Way into a Christian Heaven (makes sense); I am saying to stop trying to prove you are a Christian to people who reject said ideology and practice.

Why? It’s pointless because their pragmatism will never let them see clearly enough to respect your integrity while hating your ideology.


2 thoughts on “Republican Right Recovery Part 04: Christian Behavior

  1. Brilliant!! (I say that because I completely agree with your assessment and as a Christian, I am not offended in the least.) We allow others to paint us with their brush. You don’t have to explain what you don’t say.

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