The next step to recovery is not choosing to be more about the Party than the People!

2010 proved to be a telling midterm. There was a voice, the People were starting to hear through the Tea Party. Instead of listening, the Republican Party smashed the ideology of smaller government and less interference from said government.

While I agree that the uneducated electorate has a warped view of the Republican Right, consider the view seen by those who actually have the mental capacity to look beyond the free cellphone and EBT card.

What do I see? I see a Party that says, “Tow the line or else!”

That arrogance does not distinguish the Right from the Left but mirrors it! When you shutdown the voice of the People in your conventions because it doesn’t align with your plan; the People align themselves with another solution.

The Party has arrogantly believed that it knows better than the People. Remember, if we’re the educated folk, LISTEN TO US!

We may not be part of the 47%, but your insistence on tuning your constituents out make it difficult for us to continue to support you. You treat us as though we are unable to run our lives without you. Hello, we are the half supporting this nation! We’ve made it this far without your direction and we can go further.

In 2008, a very good friend was a delegate here in Indiana. A few hundred delegates casted their vote for Greg Zoeller in the primaries. Your selection lost by the number of Tea Party supporters present. Instead of learning from the voice of the people, you said, “From now on, those who don’t vote Republican the way we say will not be elected as delegates going forward!”

In other words, “Do what we say because you’re too stupid to know better!”

Is this not the epitome of the Leftist mentality? Is this not what destroys ingenuity in the individual? Is this why many are so driven to vote for a 3rd Party candidate like Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin or Gary Thompson no matter how futile the efforts?

Don’t lambast us for wanting different! Instead, LISTEN TO US!

You are the Voice of the People, not the Voice for the People.

Until you start behaving as such; expect more losses in the future!


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