I’m going to share something powerful with you; “Not all blacks are on welfare and not all are Democrats!”

I say this because your image generally ignores Coloreds! I’m not playing the Race card, in playing the Reality card.

The biggest mistake made by the Party is forgetting history.

Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White

This DVD should be aired on PBS and every other station possible! Spend the money to play it on BET!

The goal is to educate black America. Forget about the thugs, gangsters, pimps and other willingly ignorant. They don’t care because government dependence is their means of surviving.

I ask you to focus on the black American who takes pride in their ethnicity and feels obligated to watch BET, follow the NAACP or minority oriented organization. Here’s another mind blower: Some are Republicans!

The problem is that you arrogantly assume they should be grateful to the Party! And I agree! Republicans gave blacks their Civil Rights in the 1800s!

Bring this message home like there is no tomorrow! Where are the documentaries of these first blacks to serve in government positions? Where are the busts of these pioneers to Civil Rights accomplished almost a century before Dr. King? Why is this history not taught in the public schools? WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED SUCH A RICH HISTORY?

Going forward, start highlighting these pioneers in your conventions! Here’s another free idea, show appreciation for these people and publicly apologize for the disconnect. Apologize for not being consistent with the ideology the not only freed black America but empowered them to speak!

Then, you empower those who support you now! Not because it’s the politically correct thing to do; but because it is the right (no pun intended) thing to do!

Stacy Dash supported Romney and received a backlash from Hollywood and black America. What did you do to support and encourage her? Was she hung out to dry like Herman Cain, Allen West and others?

Here in Indiana, in 2004, a black candidate ran against the Democratic incumbent. The Party barely acknowledged him and he was whipped at the shed! Where the hell were you?

Same State, Julia Carson ran as a Republican and you left her out to dry! She ran as a Democrat and held different offices for over 34 years. Now, her grandson is in office in name alone.

You want black America? Show that you care and maybe you will succeed!

Uncle Toms like me are getting very tired and weary of war as we feel abandoned by our generals and commanders. If we believe that you will not have our backs, we will not fight for the cause. We will sit back and let the voice of the ignorant blacks speak louder because your silence is deafening!


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