This and following posts will be in response to an excellent article posted by J. R. Dunn at the American Thinker called Conservatives Must Learn the Dark Arts of Image Manipulation.

The first part of this response is built on common sense and CHANGE! I feel dirty using the word because of its misuse, but we must concede that the one arena in which the Democratic Party has whipped the Right has been in technology.

We cannot afford to sit back and let MTV, VH1, BET and rest of alphabet media own the airwaves and expect a strong victory over the Leftsotracy in this country.

I had two friends on a book project that dragged their feet on getting FaceBook, and Twitter savvy. One was already on Facebook and the other still has rejected the truth. Since, I removed myself from the project; it has pretty much died and the Internet presence for the book project is nonexistent.

If the Right wishes to remain relevant and connected; make the investment as tedious as it may seem. Or they can become irrelevant and nonexistent within this tech-savvy generation.


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