When I consider the path of the U.S., I find it difficult for it to make any strides in progress as long as it is living in the past. Make no mistake, I love the history of this country and would love to restore the government back to its original function by our founding fathers. However, America’s past will never allow its future.

While I believe our over-inflated government is a key to our growing failures/demise, I believe we have a larger foe. The biggest chain and mole in our country is the concept of being “politically correct.”

Not warranted by history

Was the slavery of blacks a sparkling moment in the “Land of the Free?” By no means. Was the consistent displacement of the Native American by imperialist measures a way of acknowledging that “all men were created equal”? Of course not. While I may not agree with their choices; there’s also our other sins of demeaning those who live in the lifestyle of homosexuality or are pro-choice.

Can we truly be atoned for these sins by trying to perpetually appease members of those communities? I believe the problem rests in the fact that we have become too socially sensitive to the sins of our past and not morally sensitive. In taking this position; we have weakened the integrity of our great land and given rise to the most insane ideology known to mankind.

Repackaging the old solution

The solution is not to create new laws that hinder the enforcement of the previously established laws. The solution is also not to go to the other side of the coin and be hypocritically anti-ethnocentric (anti-racist).

I’m anti-ethnocentric. I believe this mentality was the reverberating heartbeat of our beginning.

“All men are created equal.”

That says the there is no White, Black, Asian, Hispanic or Native in this country! We’re all Americans! In the last thirty (30) years, we’ve gone out of our way to redefine and contradict those five (5) critical words. It started before the Civil Rights movement of the 1900s. We can never ignore the Civil Rights movement of the 1800s, but I’ll deal with later.

We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

In trying to atone for our sins against the Indians, we gave them land and “freedoms.” Don’t forget alcohol. We gave them tons of freedoms without the understanding of the consequences of abusing said freedoms.

We gave Blacks the power of Affirmative Action without considering the reality that the average Black man is woefully inadequate compared to their counterparts from the 1800s to mid 1900s. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

The Sexual Revolution, Women’s Rights, and Abortion movements were other predecessors to the destructive power of the politically correct movement.

Why? Because laws were made to fix a system of laws that already provided the very rights that it sought to provide. Laws can never garner forgiveness of sins or appease the wounded.

If in the original construction of the Constitution were laws that prohibited persons of a particular ethnic group the same liberties available to other ethnic groups, then those laws should be overturned.

I understand the premise of the “40 acres and a mule”. However considering that Blacks were not given the proper skills in stewardship and their lack of education made failure impossible to avoid. Yet, I believe that there was a different mentality with those Blacks that is quite missing from the average Black person today. There was a stronger work ethic and appreciation for what they had.

The civil rights movement of the 1800s helped Blacks understand that they were entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Systemic Ignorance

Since the mid-1900s, Blacks have been told that they are guaranteed whatever life they pursue, total happiness, and all the freedoms that those things may encompass without the effort of hard work. Look at the consistent low level of living in the ghetto and also suburbs. This does not speak for Blacks as a whole as there is a small minority (no pun intended) of them that chose to live without the government handout.

Yet, that number is almost non-existent because of the large number of welfare recipients in the majority of Black neighborhoods. There is the abuse of welfare checks (now EBT cards), WIC and Section 8 housing. They sell their government assistance which already strains our lackluster economy because many of them refuse to work. I’ve known many who claimed disability but had more than enough strength to pop out children like party-favors, which resulted in further government assistance.

This mentality is also reflected in other ethnic groups (as well as other social groups) where they feel entitled to government assistance while maintaining an absurd lifestyle of mixed priorities. This is where we begin to see the fall of our country. Instead of chastising those who wish to not contribute, our government coddles them and permits their slothfulness to our detriment.

They are kept in a victim mentality. That’s the unfortunate situation with most people in that it is their desire to always be seen as a victim. Instead of rising out of the ashes of defeat, they choose to wallow in the mire of ineptitude. Worse is that they sell the same message to others who look like them or try to influence those who do not want to go with the status quo.

Subsistence Enabler

Instead of limiting the amount of assistance the government provides, it chooses to use this opportunity to keep those less fortunate in bondage by the means of government dependence.The cycle of pimp and whore never ends because they will always need their “daddy.”

The idea is brilliant! Because a government that is needed is a government that can be supported. Hence, keep the masses in bondage telling them that they cannot succeed. The problem is then quickly remedied by a government that’s here to help them succeed. Oddly, the masses cannot see that it’s the very same government trying to help them that ultimately keeps them unsuccessful.

The proliferation of entertainment and lack of education prevents them from seeing the dichotomy. Unfortunately, this ignorance remains consistent in the majority rather than the minority.

Free cell phones, education, housing, food, etc. are all simple bait that lead this majority astray. The true, honest, and respectable thinkers of this country and hard workers, who are the blood of this country, are then left aghast.

Eroding True Freedom

This reckless behavior on the part of the government has created two generations of miscreants who believe that the world is entitled to them. They behave in the most deplorable methods and the government is quite content to leave them as such. Why? Because the government understands that these individuals will continually support them because the government supports their lifestyles.

Shame on the government to abuse such power and shame on the people for acquiescing to such subtle tyranny. Shame on them for selling out to the latest gift rather than holding their representatives accountable. Shame on them for willingly being a leech to society and those who desire this nation to be great.

But this country will not stand while it is divided. It’s no longer an issue of what can I expect to receive from the government. It’s not the job of the government to provide for our homes. It’s not the role of the government to guarantee that we receive an affordable education.

It’s on the platform of government dependence that our current administration functions. While I believe the opposing side would in a way stimulate the economy better than the current administration, I believe that the overinflated government would remain. Why? Because they still believe that they are the only viable option to this country’s success, not the people.

 Preponderance of Stupidity

Taking the foolishness of being politically correct a little further is considering that we reject profiling for fear of upsetting people. I make no apologies in saying that the face of terrorism and the face of thugism has not changed much in the last fifty (50) years. Scanning grandmothers at airports to avoid offending a sheik set out to destroy us is begging to be destroyed. Failing to “call a spade, a spade” has made securing our homes all the more difficult because criminals are not being held accountable.

Sending our soldiers into war without giving them the ability to survive is maddening. 9mm rounds have very little affect on stopping a person determined to kill our troops. Telling them to ignore the enemy planting IEDs within a stones throw should be grounds for court-martial.

Allowing a hip-hop culture to thrive on being a menace to society is another example of this nation imploding. It is well documented of Black teens striking at defenseless people for pure joy. Blacks are the number one killer of Blacks; yet these stories will be ignored because the government is sanctioning these egregious acts with the hopes of fostering martial law. The media remains complicit in the hopes of obtaining favor from the “all-powerful” government.

The more we ignore it, the more we allow this nation to become weak and full of compromise. All this done at the hands of an “all-knowing” government. We will fail if we do not change our course.

Wake Up America or Die!

All this said to share that the only chance of America succeeding is for its citizens to be unsatisfied with the direction of our government and those citizens who are complicit to our demise. It should then be our goal to come together as one to defend the freedom granted to every person rather than a select few.

We should put aside those things that would divide us politically and socially. And those capable of rational thought, pray for the conviction to admit when wrong and the power to stand against injustice. Be prepared to fight for your lives because this train will not stop if we remain idle. Until then, the false utopia hoped for by society today will only be a repeat of the atrocious deeds of our past as the liberal mentality seeks to silence the voice of honor, integrity and freedom.


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